Counselling Services

Many of us, at some stage in our life, get a bit stuck. Many adults go through difficult times in their lives talking to someone you can trust can make a real difference. Counselling is a talking therapy. Often when you share your issues with a trained counsellor, the problem seems smaller and you are able to reach some resolution of the problems associated with the issues.

Liber8 offers counselling for adults dealing with a range of issues; including but not limited to, fragile or fractured relationships; anxiety and stress; bereavement and loss; alcohol and or substance misuse issues. Or it might be that you have concerns about your partner or family members behaviour, including indulging in certain behaviours that are not healthy e.g. drinking too much or excessive gambling.


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Liber8’s counselling service aims to provide access to professional therapy for everyone aged 16+. However, this is a service that relies entirely on volunteer therapists giving their time freely. As Liber8 is a not for profit organisation and receive no external funding to help pay for this service; as of October 2018, we are asking that clients donate toward our operational costs, if they can. We will welcome you to Liber8 regardless of your ability to pay.

However as Liber8 is a not for profit organisation and recieves no external funding for this service we ask all clients to contribute voluntarily towards the cost of their counselling if they are in a position to do so. This is completely your decision and WILL NOT affect access to your counselling service as we appreciate that for some clients, a contribution is not possible. We have no fixed charge; it can be as little as £5 per session or as much as you can afford; this will help Liber8 maintain a counselling service. This will be discussed with you at referral stage and initial appointment. Fees can be waived for those unable to pay and this does not determine their place on the list or priority.

Counselling offers you a safe, neutral place to come and talk about what you are feeling and to explore the difficult areas in your life. By being listened to in an accepting and non-judging environment, you may start to understand yourself and life better and perhaps feel able to make some positive changes.

Liber8 has professional qualified counsellors and some counsellors at the end of their training; they are experienced in working with clients on many issues affecting emotional and mental well-being, for example:

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression or panic
  • Feeling lonely, frightened, or fed up
  • Feeling upset or stressed about relationships, work or just life in general
  • Feeling worthless, worried, angry, anxious, confused without knowing why
  • Upset about things from the past
  • Dealing with a crisis in your life
  • Dealing with difficult situations in your family

One of the two disciplines of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Person Centre Therapy will be provided. You will be allocated a counsellor who will meet with you, usually weekly and each session last up to 60 minutes. We also implement reviews every 6 weeks to allow you and your counsellor to discuss whether the sessions are helping and what if any, changes are required. We’ll discuss the day, time and frequency of these sessions with you when we first meet. 


This is a new funded project which will start in January 2019 and its aimed specifically at parents who are experiencing mental health problems and who have children under 18 yearss of age and whose mental health issues may be impacting or be at risk of impacting on the wellbeing of their child/children and the family unit. Talk2Us also offers counselling  for parents whose child or young person may be experiencing mental health issues and where the parents require additional support for themselves.

The parents we hope to support could be experiencing a range of mental health issues e.g.

  • general anxiety disorder /social anxiety
  • depression /OCD/panic disorders
  • eating disorders/ sleeping disorders
  • PTSD /trauma /stress

Parents could have developed these issues because of many different experiences including but not limited to:

  • bereavement
  • challenges of daily life
  • domestic abuse
  • adverse childhood experiences
  • relationship problems
  • attachment disorders
  • body dysmorphia
  • trauma based issues

Talk2Us will accept both self-referrals and referrals from referring agents including but not limited to:

  • GP’s and other front-line health professionals
  • Child & Adolescents Health Teams (CAMHS)
  • Social work
  • Schools / nurseries
  • Third sector partners

Using a trauma informed approach, Liber8 will offer a range of interventions, which can include but is not limited to:

  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychosocial education
  • One to One counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Person Centred Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Coping and Social Skills Training
  • Harm reduction
  • Relapse prevention

In addition,every parent engaged with Talk2Us will have the opportunity to access group support intended to enhance their parenting skills, options will include:

  • Topic specific workshops led by the needs and challenges being experienced by the parents
  • Parenting while Coping with Mental Health Concerns
  • Understanding the Challenges of Parenting
  • Learning new communication skills
  • Recognising and working with mental health issues

Referrals for this service will be accepted toward the end of October. This project has been funded by Big Lottery and therefore no cost is attached.

Liber8 also offer a fast track service for those who want to access the service quickly and can afford to pay for this. All clients seen under our Fast Track Service are additional to our other services, and all proceeds go towards supporting the work of the charity and helping to increase capacity, improve our service and eventually reduce waiting times. Our current charge for this option is very reasonable in comparison to other organisations at £30 per session; this is lower than the average rate for private counselling sessions.

Liber8’s Employee Assistance Programme - LEAP offers an assessment and matched, support and counselling both for employees and their immediate family. Liber8 match the employee to a counsellor who has knowledge and experience of the presenting issues.

There are no large costs attached to LEAP; the service is based only on the support and counselling sessions booked by the employer. LEAP is a preferred and reasonable option for many small to medium sized employers instead of being tied into a large annual service contract which is often not used by employees.


Check with your employer if you require counselling, often they are happy to contribute to the cost of counselling.

Furthermore counselling may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully.

Most of the information on the website gives an indication of what services incur a charge, please contact Liber8 for further information and clarity of costs: 01698 825114 or email 

The referral process is very straightforward; we operate an open referral system, meaning you can contact us and refer yourself.

Referrals can also come through other routes such as Social work; Criminal Justice ; Victim Support; Citizens Advice, Money Matters, Key Workers, GP’s, Hospitals and other health or social care professionals.

Liber8 can help, call us today to make a referral or for more information

Tel: 01698 825114 email: 

Once the referral to counselling has been received by Liber8 it will be processed through our system; ensuring the referral is allocated to the correct service. Clients will be contacted via email, telephone or post inviting them to attend an assessment.

During the assessment you will be asked a number of questions including what times are suitable for you to attend.

After the assessment Liber8 will allocate you to a counsellor who will either be experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Person Centered Therapy. You will receive an appointment time through your preferred method of communication.

At your first session, your counsellor will explain a number of elements including the type of therapy they can offer; confidentiality and what can be expected in the sessions.

Tel: 01698 825114 email: