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What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a brand new project delivered throughout Lanarkshire by Liber8. Kickstart offers a two-step plan to assist individuals to move forward in their recovery and to achieve their goals. Our team of qualified and experienced mentors will work with individuals to empower them to access services which are already available within their communities. We will also work together, to create a tailored personal development plan for each person with the aim of increasing and improving their life skills.

The project is aimed at supporting individuals with an alcohol or substance misuse issue who also have a history of offending behaviour, or are at risk of offending. The project is aimed at individuals who are motivated and ready to take the next step in their recovery journey. Kickstart accepts referrals from a range of partners including, Lanarkshire Criminal Justice Services; South Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Service; Substance Misuse Service; North Lanarkshire Integrated Addiction Service and relevant service providers.

Will work with people experiencing substance misuse issues and who have a history of offending to help them access a fuller range of statutory and voluntary sector services, including: health, housing, employment, education, training, money advice, and social and leisure services.

The project will pair clients with mentors who will work with them for a minimum of six months, developing a client case file. The project has two distinct elements which are interlinked

• Step 1 Personal Development Programme

• Step 2 Practical and Emotional Support

The project will aim to support clients in identifying and accessing mainstream services as well as specialist support services including alcohol and substance misuse programmes. Through this tailored, one-to-one, support Kickstart will help individuals with complex and interlinked issues to move towards; facilitate their journey into training and employment; helping them to build relationships and engage in positive recreational and social activities all combined with the aim of reducing instances of relapse and recidivism and empowering clients to make positive changes in their lives.

A strength based assessment will be carried out with all new referrals, this will allow Kickstart to assess the suitability of the client referral to the project and will also identify other additional needs and support options for each client.

The first aim of Kickstart is to provide practical and emotional support to clients. This will see experienced Mentors providing support to enable clients to identify and overcome barriers such as lack of transport, completing forms and attending appointments which may prevent them from accessing services. Mentors will help and support clients in identifying and accessing mainstream services that are already available in their communities; encouraging clients to access a fuller range of services.Our mentors will provide practical and emotional support to help individuals better engage with a range of existing services such as:

Housing / Budgeting / Training / Welfare/ Benefits Employability

Alcohol /Substance use / Life Skills / Advocacy / Health / Literacy / IT Skills

The second aim is to build an individual Personal Development Programme for every service user; helping them to develop a range of positive behaviours, skills and attitudes resulting in a significant positive impact on the clients. Clients will be offered a tailored programme of specialist personal development activities such as health & fitness and the John Muir Award course, to encourage the development of life skills including social skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, managing stress, dealing with setbacks, problem solving. These personal development opportunities will be facilitated by the mentor and will help clients develop confidence and self-belief while encouraging them to identify and engage with appropriate servicesThe Kickstart mentors will work together with individuals to create bespoke personal development plans that encourage a range of activities that have the aim of helping them achieve their personal goals. The activities may include, hobbies, skills, education, training, joining clubs, volunteering and much more.

Kickstart will target this vulnerable group and will be looking to identify participants who face significant challenges but who recognise the need for change and are at a stage where they feel ready and willing to participate in an intensive support programme to achieve that change.

 To be eligible for referral to the Kickstart Project, clients must live in Lanarkshire; be aged 16+; have experienced an alcohol and or substance misuse problem and have either a history of or be at risk of offending behaviour. Clients will have a comprehensive assessment to establish suitability to the project and they must be prepared to engage and meet with their Mentor regularly and crucially must show a level of motivation to take the steps required to make positive changes that will improve their skills and opportunities to assist them to move forward onto the next step in their recovery journey.

Kickstart accepts referrals from a range of partners including: Lanarkshire Criminal Justice Services, South Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Service, Substance Misuse Service, North Lanarkshire Integrated Addiction Service and relevant service providers. In the first instance call 01698 825114 or email kickstart@liber8.org.uk  

More information coming soon