Getting it Right For Every Child

Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) is Scotland's approach to supporting children and young people. The GIRFEC approach arose out of the review of the Children's Hearings System in 2004. It recognised that in order to improve outcomes for vulnerable children, agencies need to intervene earlier, in a better and more integrated way in response to identified needs and risks, and not when a threshold is reached to trigger action

GIRFEC requires that services usch as social work; health; education; police and voluntary agencies aimed at children and young people, – adapt and streamline their systems and practices and work together for the welfare of the child. The approach encourages earlier intervention by professionals to avoid crisis situations at a later date.

GIRFEC is a change management programme designed to deliver a national approach to meeting the needs of – and improving outcomes for – all children and young people in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has published a number of guides and resources to support implementation of GIRFEC.

Getting Our Priorities Right

Policy and practice guidelines for working with children and families affected by problem drug use.

GIRFEC Bulletin issue 1: Information Sharing

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has advised that practitioners’ fears about sharing genuine concerns – without consent – about a child’s or young person’s wellbeing are misplaced.

Wellbeing Spring 2013

Making Scotland the best place to grow up

Wellbeing Autumn 2013

Baby CJ gets to know his Named Person