COVID 19 Liber8's Response

With the increasing news and concern regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, Liber8 wants to ensure our clients we are monitoring the developing situation closely. Currently Liber8 are following Scotland Public Health guidance daily.  Liber8 took the actions of:

As of Thursday 19th March there will be no more face to face contact with clients.

As of Monday 23rd March Liber8 staff will be self-distancing and in the main, will be working from home.

Liber8 will continue to provide telephone counselling and support and where possible and appropriate Skype calls. Those clients already engaged will a therapist will receive updated information if and when its availble

All clients were contacted and provided with the information below.

A telephone counselling support service will be availble for anyone to call: details below.

Advice for community volunteering dowload here

We have tried where possible to implement support pathways for people who are either currently attending counselling or who are on the waiting list. We appreciate that many clients have mental health issues that impact their daily life and that the current situation may be adding to the stress and anxiety being experienced

We want to provide clients with some assistance and have asked that:

If you feel that you want to speak to someone to call our office number 01698 825114 or we have added another number you can call, its 07942 228279 between 10am-3pm: the calls are being transferred remotely and will be answered by our Manager Lynn Speirs. 

Lynn will take your details and have one of our remote counsellors / support workers call you at a convenient time

  •  We will also update our social media pages and webpages with self-help materials and helpful tips /exercises to assist you through these difficult times
  •  In addition, further updated information regarding available supports will be posted on our website and social media platforms
  •  Liber8 would also like to extend the offering of telephone counselling/support to the staff within partner agencies; we know this is a difficult time for many dedicated staff and would be happy to provide this capacity permitting

To allow us to safely provide support to others we require to implement a procedure that will

  • Keep our team safe and well
  • Provide accurate current information & advice
  • Be aware of the available and appropriate services/ agencies
  • Have a directory of available support pathways to pass on to callers
  • Have a mechanism to identify those most in need and any additional actions that can be taken.
  • Allow us to gather relevant information for the monitoring / evaluation of the service

We have tried to keep the process simple by having our office telephone line diverted to our staff who are working from home. We are also conscious that we dont want individuals to incur telephone costs or charges.

The following procedure aims to allow us to carry out telephone support and counselling.

Please call the office telephone number 01698 825114 or 07942 228279 and you will speak to Lynn

Lynn will ask callers their: 

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Post Code
  • Brief reason for call
  • They might say they are from a partner agency and are a staff member
  • Note the name of team member the call has been passed to

Lynn will allocate your call to one of our staff team or volunteers and they will call you back; the call can include

  • gathering the information as to their identified needs/concerns;
  • providing structured support
  • providing interventions if appropriate
  • signposting to specialist support 

Liber8 had temporarily stopped accepting referrals to our counselling services; including our Talk2Us service for parents, however due to the uncertainty of how long distancing restrictions will be required we have now opened our referral system. We do currently have a waiting list and every client will be contacted and offered to engage in their programme of therapeutic counselling either by telephone or Skype; if they do not wish to take up this offer, their place on the waiting list will be secured and they will be contacted once we are able to provide face to face sessions.

Counselling offers you a safe, neutral place to come and talk about what you are feeling and to explore the difficult areas in your life. By being listened to in an accepting and non-judging environment, you may start to understand yourself and life better and perhaps feel able to make some positive changes. See our Counselling Services section for more information

Liber8 has professional qualified counsellors and some counsellors at the end of their training; they are experienced in working with clients on many issues affecting emotional and mental well-being, for example:

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression or panic
  • Feeling lonely, frightened, or fed up
  • Feeling upset or stressed about relationships, work or just life in general
  • Feeling worthless, worried, angry, anxious, confused without knowing why
  • Upset about things from the past
  • Dealing with a crisis in your life
  • Dealing with difficult situations in your family

One of the two disciplines of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Person Centre Therapy will be provided. You will be allocated a counsellor who will meet with you, usually weekly and each session last up to 60 minutes. We also implement reviews every 6 weeks to allow you and your counsellor to discuss whether the sessions are helping and what if any, changes are required. We’ll discuss the day, time and frequency of these sessions with you when we first meet. Please call the office telephone number 01698 825114 or 07942 228279 to make a referral 

NHS Inform for the latest health information: link here

Latest information 23/3/2020 on symptoms can be downloaded from here

Latest information for non-clinical settings can be downloaded  here