National Documents

Changing Scotlands Relationship with Alcohol

This Framework sets out our strategic approach to tackling alcohol misuse in Scotland. It explains the need for action in order to help deliver Government’s Purpose and outlines how we intend to take forward the proposals contained in our discussion paper “Changing Scotland’s Relationship with Alcohol” following the outcome of our public consultation in 2008

The Road to Recovery: A New Approach to Tackling Scotland's Drug Problem 2008

The Road to Recovery One Year On

In 2008 the Scottish Government launched Scotland’s first drugs strategy since devolution; this report looks at the Road to Recovery one year on. It signalled a new phase in our efforts to reduce drug use and was widely welcomed in the field, by experts, COSLA and approved unanimously by Parliament. 

Melting The Iceberg of Scotland's alcohol and drug problem

The report of an ‘Independent Enquiry’,published in 2011. The report highlighted the fact that Scotland’s drugs and alcohol iceberg has grown over recent decades.

Alcohol Monitoring Reort 2017

NHS Health Scotland was tasked by the Scottish Government to lead the monitoring and evaluation of Scotland’s alcohol strategy. This was delivered through the Monitoring and

Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy (MESAS) work programme. This report outlines the findings

Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027

The Scottish Government published their Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027, the vision is of a Scotland where people can get the right help at the right time, expect recovery, and fully enjoy their rights, free from discrimination and stigma.

AUDIT Scotland Children and young people’s mental health. September 2018

Mental Health Welfare Strategy for Scotland 2015-2020

Mental illness is one of the top public health challenges in Europe as measured by prevalence, burden of disease and disability. It is estimated that mental disorders affect more than a third of the population every year.

Scotlands Health and Social Care Delivery Plan

A Fairer Healthier Scotland : A strategic framework for action 2017–2022

Healthier- Future NHS Lanarkshire

A Framework for NHS Lanarkshire Strategic Health Planning 2012 to 2020. NHS Lanarkshire has developed this framework to support future strategic health planning and to gain a shared understanding of the actions required to achieve the Scottish Government’s 2020 Vision.

Scotland's Digital Health and Social Care Strategy 

Driving Improvement in Healthcare 2014-2020

Health Inequalities Report 2013

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland : Long Term Monitoring Report, October 2013