Free Weights

Several methods of resistance training exist in gyms and fitness centers. From cable-assisted machines, resistance bands and medicine balls, there are many options for putting weight-bearing loads on the body. One piece of resistance-training equipment that has been shown to be highly effective is free weights. There are several benefits to using free weights.

Versatility and Specific Natural Movements

While machine-based exercises and free weights are both effective in increasing muscular strength and balance, free weights provide the added dimension of versatility and specificity to real-life movements. One of the biggest advantages listed for free weights is the ability to do several different movements in one exercise. With machines, you are usually fixed into one area and can only do limited movements. Additionally, free weights allow individuals to mimic everyday movements that occur in different planes of motion.

Higher Energy

One of the most advantageous aspects of using free weights is the increased effort involved. Because free weights engage a greater amount of muscle mass to maintain balance and stability while performing an exercise, you burn more calories. This increase in the muscle mass involved results in a higher cost of effort in order to produce free-weight-based movements.