Partnership Working

Liber8 have unrivalled knowledge of, and excellent relationships with, Lanarkshire’s addiction services, housing and children and family services, NHS Lanarkshire and both Local Authorities, relationships which have been established over many years. Our partnership is widely acknowledged as credible, capable and effective, that we can and do make a difference to the individuals in our communities. We have longstanding relationships and or formal partnerships with each of the following and can provide further details on request.

  • NHS Lanarkshire;
  • ADP Lanarkshire; 
  • South and North Lanarkshire Councils; 
  • Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Service / Integrated Addiction Service
  • Substance Misuse Teams / Child/Families Social Work
  • Strathclyde Police / Fire and Rescue
  • Regenfx / Youth Learning Services / Community Learning and Development 
  • Community Safety Partnerships / Problem Solving Groups
  • Task and Coordination Groups
  • Rural Development Trust (transport)
  • Harm Reduction Team
  • Routes to Work/employability services
  • A range of Voluntary Sector Partners
  • Credit Union / Money Management