Using "fluid dynamics," hydraulic equipment creates a spontaneous adaptive resistance entirely determined by the force or speed you use to perform repetitions. At Liber8, the hydraulic machines also have the ability to adjust the resistance or load.

Because of the gentle, adaptive, yet powerful nature of hydraulic resistance participants of all ages and fitness levels can experience a very safe and effective result from hydraulic exercise equipment. If you can lift, bend, reach, and raise your arms, you can benefit from circuit training with hydraulic fitness without danger.

Circuit Training with Hydraulic Fitness Equipment rapidly burns calories

The combination of aerobic and resistance training increases the body's use of oxygen and energy.  You can easily burn 300-600 calories in a 30 minute session.  As you progress to higher training levels over the next 90 days, you could reach calorie expenditures as high as 600 to 900.  Combined with consistency and patience, circuit training will deliver the weight loss you desire in a healthy, safe, and enjoyable manner.

Circuit Training with Hydraulic Fitness Equipment is very efficient

Once you decide to start an exercise program, you'll want to maximize the time you invest and results you achieve.  No other form of training is as efficient as circuit training.  Utilising all the muscle groups, hearts and lungs the cross training benefits of hydraulic exercise equipment are unmatched. Effective exercise is measured by calories burned, and 30 minutes invested in a circuit training class using hydraulic fitness equipment burns a lot of calories in a short time span, comparing very favourably to other forms of exercise.

Hydraulic machines have the advantage of being able to perform two exercises on one machine. Stacked weight machines only allow for a concentric muscle contraction, which is when you shorten the muscle against force; such as curling a dumbbell and working your biceps muscles. On a hydraulic arm machine, you curl the handles to work your biceps. Instead of lowering the weight when you uncurl, you have to push the handles down; this motion works your triceps. On a weight-stack biceps machine, the uncurling is called an eccentric contraction and your biceps have to work to lower the weight slowly against gravity.