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How We Are Funded

Liber8 is a Social Enterprise, this means that in addition to any Service Level Agreement or Contracts we have, we also try to generate income from selling our services and generating income, all of which is put back into providing services throughout the community. We still receive funding for specific projects; recently The Bank of Scotland awarded us a contribution towards providing counselling for people who have mental health problems and who are expierencing financial/debt difficulties. 

Other support has been through individuals raising funds for us and we are grateful to all of them. 

Donating online to Liber8 is quick, simple and secure. All you need to do use the JustGiving web site. Go to our page on and follow the easy steps to donate online.

If you donate any money to us, as a Charity we are entitled to the full amount of your donation if you are a British taxpayer. HMRC permits registered Charities to claim back tax that would otherwise be lost to the taxman. At present, this is 28% per £1. This is really valuable to organisations like us and you can download the Gift Aid form, complete it and add it to your donation.