This section contains lots of valuable information which can be downloaded. It also includes resources prepared by Liber8 on a variety of subjects. This includes

  • National and Local Alcohol and Substance Misuse Strategies;
  • Documents and reports relevant to Getting it Right for Every Child
  • Alcohol Unit Calculator and a Calorie Calculator provided by NHS Choices
  • Alcohol Screening Tool
  • A range of alcohol and drug factsheets
  • Harm reduction factsheets

All resouces can be downloaded free of charge. They should not be ammended or redistributed without written permission. This will be freely given for all not-for-profit use.

Drugs and legal information is constantly changing and users of this literature should always ensure that they are using the most accurate and up to date information.

No liability can be accepted for any innaccuracies or ommissions in any of these resources.