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Organisations and companies rely on having a healthy and productive workforce; it makes no sense for employers to ignore the wellbeing of their staff which has both negative outcomes for employees and can also have costly implications for employers.

Some estimates suggest work-related mental ill health costs the national economy in the region of £26 billion each and every year through lost working days, staff turnover and lower productivity.  

Mental health problems are more common than you might think. Conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression are said to affect around one in six UK workers. Aside the obvious human cost, there are considerable financial costs associated with mental health problems at work, including short medium and long terms absence, repeated regular sick days leading to reduced productivity; high staff turnover, accidents in the workplace and workers' compensation claims. In essence, if the employees suffer, the business suffers.

Furthermore, employers have a ‘duty of care’ under UK law, to protect the health, safety and welfare of all your employees (Health and Safety at Work Act 1984). This is whether you are a large employer or only have a few staff, you have a duty to assess the risks arising from hazards at work, including work-related mental health problems. This includes implementing policies which promote good mental health and raising awareness of mental health issues to reduce discrimination. On a practical level it can mean giving staff access to psychological counselling and supporting people to either stay at or return to work after a period of mental ill-health.

If you are an employer looking to provide training for your employees and to foster a supportive, safe and productive workplace; Liber8 can help by providing resources, support, training and consultancy to help you and if there are employee related issues, we can help you find a solution.

Liber8 can help small and medium size employers fulfil their duty of care to their employees and help employers boost employee mental health by providing 

  • Advice and consultancy services to help employers manage the impact of mental ill health and addictions.
  • Promote a greater awareness of the local health and social care services that are available
  • Facilitate and support the access and referral pathways to specilist services
  • Inform business owners, leaders and managers about how they can look after not only their employee's mental health but their own mental health, and that of their families.

This could include staff training on topics such as managing stress, addictions, coping techniques and mental health first aid, or other associated issues. 

LEAP: Liber8’s Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Support

In today’s increasing stressful working environment, employees are facing growing pressure not only to be effective and efficient at work, but to maintain a healthy work/life balance. In addition to this, any of us may experience a life changing event or personal crisis which could impact both our physical capacity and often our psychological health. These events undoubtedly affect the employee and impact on their productivity. Employers say they are becoming increasingly aware of the move to make their employees’ health and wellbeing a priority. Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) are employee benefit programmes offered by many employers. Providing such programmes not only ensures that legislation is complied with but also builds the belief that employees are valued.

When an employee or their family member has a life changing event the employee's productivity and attendance is affected. Employee Assistance Programmes are recognised as a valuable employee benefit and are seen as a good return on investment for the employer, which come with balance sheet advantages. Most people experience episodes where they wellbeing takes a dip. We can categorise them onto the following:

  • Developmental Issues: where it takes time to build but can causes deep disruption, life events such as relationship difficulties; divorce; moving home or family illness
  • Situational Events: these tend to be far more sudden in appearance and are often traumatic; they can be caused by an acute or sudden change such as car accident, witnessing a violent crime or being a victim of crime.
  • Traumatic Events: These are often seen as critical incidents and can be major events or more localised or personal but if left untreated they can cause deep rooted issues including decreased mental and psychological wellbeing

Each of these areas can be helped by an Employee Assistance Programme which is intended to help employees deal with both professional and personal problems that impact on their work performance, health and well-being which in turn positively impacts on their overall job performance

By signing up to our LEAP programme. Liber8’s Employee Assistance Programme will offer an assessment and matched, support and counselling both for your employees and their immediate family. Liber8 match the employee to a counsellor who has knowledge and experience of the presenting issues.

There are no large costs attached to LEAP; the service is based only on the support and counselling sessions booked by the employer. LEAP is a preferred and reasonable option for many small to medium sized employers instead of being tied into a large annual service contract which is often not used by employees.

Liber8’s LEAP programme can offer employee assistance services to organisations to help manage the wide variety of problems being experienced by the employee and their family. Our team of professionals can offer a needs-led response to these problems by providing an approach and service delivery that will meet the employers specific objectives, including

  • Comprehensive assessment and action plan
  • Psychological interventions
  • Support and Counselling for the individual and or the family
  • Evaluation of intervention outcome
  • Crisis Response
  • Stress management
  • Access to online support resources
  • Bespoke training for employers on a range of heal and wellbeing elements

Employee assistance programmes provide significant benefits to the employer by reducing staff turnover/absenteeism, improving productivity, improving staff morale and motivation however many come with a price tag which is beyond small to medium sized employers and this is where LEAP is different.

LEAP is not a nationwide programme nor is it intended to appeal to large nationwide corporations or organisations instead LEAP is focussed on providing employee support and counselling for small to medium sized organisations throughout Lanarkshire at a cost only payable for the service used by the employer. There is no large contract where the employer pays for a service that perhaps is never accessed

There are two options to sign up to LEAP

1. PAYG: Sign up to LEAP on a pay as you go basis, only paying for the support and counselling sessions attended by your employee and or their family. The benefits of signing up to LEAP are

  • Having a named person for you to contact to arrange a referral for your employees and their family.
  • Advertisement of being a responsible employer proactively addressing their duty of care.
  • Access to Liber8’s bespoke training programme

2. Retainer: Pay a nominal annual retainer based on employee numbers; the retainer will be deducted from any cost incurred by the employer for support and counselling sessions used. The retainer will ensure the employer benefits of

  • Fast track access to the programme for your employees and family members
  • Reduced individual session costs
  • Access to a telephone advice line for the employer to discuss employee related issues
  • Having a named person for you to contact to arrange a referral for your employees and their family
  • Advertisement of being a responsible employer proactively addressing their duty of care
  • Access to Liber8’s bespoke training programme at reduced costs  

Liber8 can provid a range of training session for the workplace and cover topics such as

Stress Management: this training looks in depth at what stress is, how it impacts on the workplace, and how you can manage stress in the workplace effectively. Stress can often be helped early on and in some cases prevented; we cover techniques on how to implement preventative approaches. Benefits of managing stress in the workplace are:

  • Staff morale
  • People are more motivated and committed
  • Improved relationships within teams and with managers
  • Improved work quality
  • Increased performance and output
  • Organisational reputation
  • Return on investment in training and development

Mental Health Awareness: this training is for any staff member who wants to learn more about mental health, whether it’s how to look after their own health, managing staff, working with vulnerable customers or client groups, or to support a friend or colleague. The session covers the different types of mental health issues, including mild to moderate and also severe to enduring. This includes covering areas such as Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and others. The mental health awareness training provides:

  • an awareness of what mental health is,
  • the signs and symptoms of the different mental health conditions,
  • the risks and protective factors for mental health
  • understanding the effects of stigma and discrimination of mental health,
  • an awareness of suicide
  • a range of lifestyle choices and treatments which are effective for managing mental health conditions.

Offering workplace training will help create a healthier, more mentally stable workforce that will ultimately save your business a significant amount of cash when it comes to lost working days, staff retention, productivity and more.

Liber8 can provide bespoke workplace training for the smallest business to medium sized. Call us today and discuss your training needs