Introducing STAR

STAR: A Service for Trauma, Addiction and Recovery

Stars begin in chaos
Born in clouds of dust
Dark, collapsed and broken
They struggle to adjust

Pressure builds, forcing change
They cannot stay collapsed
Out of the dark, a shining light
Soon becomes unmasked

You and I are just like STARS
Emerging from the dust,
Finding change in warmth and light
in those that we can trust

We will not stay collapsed forever
We rise and find new ways
Out of the dark, shining brighter
Looking onward, to better days



Service for Trauma, Addiction and Recovery

Liber8’s STAR project offers counselling to individuals who may have experienced trauma and / or trauma-related addictions. We recognise the impact of trauma on individuals - the STAR project is our commitment to alleviating that impact as much as possible.

Why Choose Counselling with STAR?

We often need support to make sense of difficult or distressing thoughts, feelings or experiences. Carrying these, either from past or more recent experiences, can negatively affect our day-to-day lives.

By looking at the here and now and becoming present, we can start to work on our pasts and empower ourselves for our futures.

What We Do

Our STAR team of qualified therapists offer specific one-to-one, trauma-informed, therapeutic counselling, and will work collaboratively with you in a safe, confidential, and compassionate way. The process becomes a journey in which you are not alone.

We’re here to help

Contact us today to find out more, or fill in a referral form online. 


Where to Find Us

Blantyre Base,
Liber8 (Lanarkshire) Ltd.,
1-3 Station Road, Blantyre,
South Lanarkshire, G72 9AA

01698 533 035