Mission Statement, Aims & Objectives

The mission of Liber8 Lanarkshire Ltd is to improve the health, wellbeing and the quality of people's lives, with a particular regard to reducing the negative impact of alcohol and substance misuse on the individual, families and communities. Our range of specialist interventions along with input from our partner agencies goes a long way to improving and yes, sometimes, saving the lives of people within our communities.

  • Improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and families;
  • Limit the harm associated by all types of misuse;
  • Reduce the negative impact of alcohol and substance misuse on the individual, families and communities;
  • Provide support which promotes positive change and minimises the impact of addiction;
  • Focus on improving and enhancing health and wellbeing;
  • Promote and encourage an ethos of safe and sensible attitudes towards alcohol /substance misuse;
  • Remain responsive to and reflective of the diversity among individuals, families and communities;
  • Practice a positive recovery focused ethos, challenging stereotype and reducing stigma;

  • To provide services to those experiencing alcohol and/or substance misuse related problems;
  • To engage in partnership working that promotes and supports individuals in the recovery process;
  • To provide support to help reduce and minimise alcohol and drug related harm;
  • To promote sensible safe drinking practices;
  • To promote a harm reduction or abstinence based approach to addiction;
  • To provide a holistic approach in working with those affected by alcohol or substance misuse issues;
  • To offer education, information and prevention to individuals and communities;
  • To assist in reducing the inter-generational effects of alcohol and substance misuse;
  • To offer continuous professional development to our workforce to enable them to provide services confidently and professionally within their relevant disciplines.